El Hierro

El Hierro, Canary Islands, grew from deep below as its inhabitants experienced an underwater volcanic eruption in October 2011 which lasted for months. This is an island of contrasts, of a constant fight for survival, all due to its beautiful and harsh landscapes.

I visited the island in April and May 2012, to capture the atmosphere, the epic of it all. In this journey I travelled up and down the island photographing and taking videos. The highlight was getting to be on top of the volcano (navigating on the water), it became a very special moment for me.

A big thank you to Joke Volta, who made this possible by showing me around the island and helping me understand the island from a very close perspective for more than two weeks.


One of the outcomes of this journey was a handmade book, A3 size, create from a selection of thousands of photographs taken during the journey.

The images below are the same ones included in the book. In this specific order, the reader is guided through a visual journey around the island.

This project is on-going, in a near future I will revisit the island to continue documenting the landscape. With these images and previous video I filmed I will make a short visual documentary.

Time lapse: Sea of Clouds