An approach to visually representing the distortion of visual memories.

Postcards was a project involving concepts such as the passing of time and imagery through recognisable popular landmarks. The resulting images come from postcards sent by friends and family. Some of these places are more familiar to me, depending on wether I have visited them recently or not.

Memories are distorted through time and details are lost, sometimes a greater outline remains. Postcards are a way of representing a certain place or area where the represented scene can seem timeless.

The text remains as a clue to the image and as names of places stay as the buildings do. Printed on A3 size, there was an effect when the images looked from a further distance seemed clearer and a closer looked didn’t reveal any details.

Selected postcards:

· Bakersfield, CA, USA – John Genter
· Birmingham, UK – Pablo Hermoso
· Bristol, UK – Adrián Cabello Lorenzo
· El Hierro, Spain – Joke Volta
· Gillingham, UK – Shannon Francis
· London, UK – Luis González Moreno
· Madrid, Spain – Carlos Lafuente Sánchez
· Palencia, Spain – Franciso Rodríguez Mayoral